The Rules


We say no

I want everyone to understand I take the rules below very seriously.  I can, will and do say no when people are not willing to abide by them.  I do not want to seem rude or offensive but in my mind I can always find another customer but I can never have another chance to find the best possible home for my kittens.  

No Declawing

Declawing is actually amputating the end of each toe.  Often crushed pieces of bone / claw remain in the toe and continue to grow.  This causes the cat both pain and disability for life.  If your cat's feet constantly hurt they will not want to use their litter box and they will start going to the bathroom somewhere softer... like your bed or laundry.  Declawed cats feel defenseless.  They are also in pain.  This can cause depression and aggression.  Statistically more declawed cats end up in shelters.    In addition painful and even fatal infections can develop.

Our Kittens Should Be Inside Only Pets

I am OK with cats going out on leashes if you consult your vet about all the appropriate shots, worming and other measures you need to take to protect them.  I am even OK with cats going outside when accompanied by a family member if you live in an area where this is possible.  Again, please consult your vet first.  What I am not OK with is putting your cat outside to live.  I live in the country and where I live barn cats are a necessity because of the mice etc. attracted by feed and hay.  I understand that cats can and do live outside but outside cats do not live as long as indoor cats.  Moreover, Siberian Forest Cats are a very distinctive looking and friendly breed.  People will take them.

Spay or neuter

I think 6 months is the best time to neuter in most cases.  A very obvious exception would be if you are getting a mixed gender pair in which case do not wait longer than 4 months.  Accidental kittens from siblings is not a good idea in anyone's book.  When you have a mixed pair I suggest spaying the female first and leaving the male until he is 6 months old as the added time producing puberty hormone will result in a larger tom cat.  

This is not just to prevent kittens.  Intact cats spray.  Toms do it constantly and queens do it when they are in heat.  Cat pee has a distinctive smell and is hard to remove.  Pee from an intact cat is much worse.

Intact adults produce more allergens.  Why go to the trouble and expense of buying a purebred Siberian Forest Cat and then not go to the trouble to spay / neuter in order to reduce the allergen level

Intact cats roam, get lost, catch disease and develop certain cancers etc. at a much higher rate than ones who have been spayed / neutered.

No Breeders

Sorry folks.  I know it is hard to get started or find replacement cats with new genetics.  I just know my limitations.  My health issues prevent me from going to shows so I do not have the same chance others do to develop relationships with other breeders.  I cannot see your cats or facilities.  I could accidentally make a bad choice and I do not want to risk it.  Under my circumstances you would make the same choice.

Its a Gut Thing

This is the big old lump it all together category.  It is intended to cover all the things I have not thought of in the other categories.  It covers the woman who spent hours complaining about how hard she was having to fight her husband in order to get a cat.  It covers people who call up and sound too stoned to think straight.  It covers people who act like they are buying a sack of potatoes instead of a tiny baby.   Basically if you feel wrong you are not getting a cat.  There are other catteries but I am the kitten's only defense against a bad life.

I could care less how much money you make, how big your house is or who you choose to marry (as long as they are good with cats) and your religion or lack there of is none of my business.  The same is true for your political affiliations.  Your age doesn't matter IF you have a plan for the cats well being if you should pass away.  (I have been widowed twice so I have more awareness of this than other people.)  The list of things that have no bearing on your ability to be a good pet owner is almost endless.  What I do care about is that you will be the right person to love and care for the kitten throughout its life.  Sometimes I cannot define what the issue is.  There are people who seem almost disinterested, just plain mean or like they are buying a status symbol not a pet.