Price & Deposits


Price Per Kitten

We are currently asking $1100 per kitten. 

Multiple Kitten Discount

We offer a multiple kitten discount.  If you get a second kitten at the same time we give a $100 discount off the price of the second kitten..

Military & First Responder Discount

A large portion of my family has or is currently serving in the United States military.   My father served in WWII.  My late husband was a sniper in Vietnam.  My sons served in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Before my health failed me I did a lot of volunteer work driving a DAV van getting vets to their medical appointments.  I know all too well the prices our soldiers and their families pay for our freedom.   People have an easy time throwing stones because they may or may not approve of any given politician's decisions but they often forget that these are our friends and family members standing up to risk their lives because they want to protect us.

The same goes for our law enforcement and other first responders.  Folks I am sorry.  I don't want to get political on you because this is the wrong place but be grateful for your local police and other service agencies.  They risk their lives every day to keep us safe.  Imagine the world we would live in if there were nobody to call for help.

It is a small thing but we give a $100 per kitten discount to all active duty or retired military as well as first responders.  Please understand we can only give so many discounts at one time  This is how I feed my family and pay the bills.  I have to limit discounts to avoid going broke.  I can give one first responder / military discount per family.  I wish I could do more for families who have made this double sacrifice but I cannot.  I am sorry.  However, you can combine the multiple cat discount with this discount.

Placing a deposit

Deposits are $300 per kitten.  We take deposits through PayPal.  First we need to "speak" with you (preferably by email as phone reception when we live is problematic at best)  Once we have discussed what you are looking for and our rules we will send you a deposit request through PayPal.

Deposits are refundable

Should you change your mind for any reason while waiting for a kitten we be happy to give you a refund.  To do otherwise seems unethical to us.

On the flip side, if you turn out to be someone we feel uncomfortable placing a kitten with for any reason we will also give you a refund and remove you from the waiting list.. 

 What would make us change our minds?  No much but one man did lose his kitten because he called us drunk as a skunk at 3am.   Somehow that just did not seem like the actions of a responsible individual.  Another woman let slip that she intended to declaw the kitten when she had previously agreed to our no declawing rule.  Things happen.  Nobody is perfect but this is a pretty basic thing.

In other words, I could care less about your gender preference, politics, race, religion or any other things people judge others on but I care very deeply that you can and will prove the kitten with a stable loving home and abide the few rules we set in our contract.  We have a policy of putting the kittens needs above anything else.

Please understand it can take a little bit for refunds to process. and they will be processed through PayPal with the money going back to your original method of payment.

Refund Policy

I know I keep harping on the refund policy.  There is a reason.  The last thing I want is for one of my babies to be in a home where things are not working out.  If you find having a pet isn't for you, discover you are reacting after all or anything else during the first two weeks you have the kitten just return it to us for a full refund.  No hassle.  No questions asked. 

I do not know of any other catteries that have this type of policy but I would strongly encourage other breeders to take the same approach.  We have only had two returns in all the time we have been breeding.  It is well worth the effort for the peace of mind it gives us and the people who get kittens from us.

As with deposit refunds this can take a little while because of processing time and will be done through the original method of payment.