About Us


How This All Started

In 2012, I lost my husband to brain cancer.  My daughter was 2 years old and my sons were deployed.  It was a really rough time and I needed something to lift my spirits.  To be honest, I also needed a way to make money.  I had been an office manager but my health had deteriorated due to what I now know to be multiple chemical sensitivity.  I had reached the point I either had to accept being a disabled widow with a small child and a very limited income or I had to come up with a plan.  I took a good hard look at my life and said "OK, what do we have to work with here?" and I realized how big of a difference our cats made in our lives.

Pets Matter

There are times when others judge, don't understand, just say all the wrong things.  There are times when words are just not enough and pure love is what you need.  Pets are always there, always loving, always forgiving and they don't judge you on your bad days.  You cannot buy love but animals will give it to you for free.  One of the hardest things about having allergies is it cuts you off from so many things.  It can be very isolating.

Some People Need Pets More Than Others

My daughter, Mary Rose, and I fall on the Autism Spectrum as did my late husband.  So do many of the people who get cats from us.   There are a lot of stereotypes out there about Autistic people.  The truth is large portions of the medical, engineering, computer and other tech and science oriented fields are full of people just like me.  We do great at the tech stuff but tend to have to work a litter harder than other people at the social aspects of life.  Knowing that my daughter was like her father and I made me want all the more to fill her life with animals.  Pets are a great way for kids on the spectrum to bridge the social gap and they really help with learning social nuances.  

The Light Dawned

Looking at my life and knowing there were others like me out that with the same needs I realized I had found my niche.  I didn't want to breed show cats.  I wanted to breed cats that could be show cats but were instead amazingly well socialized family pets that just so happened to also be hypoallergenic so families like mine could have the pets they needed.

And Then Came Lawrence

A little over a year after my husband died I decided to cure myself of the desire to date.  I considered myself undatable.  My life centered around my daughter, volunteering at the local VA Hospital driving the DAV van and my pets.  Honestly, I was not planning on actually dating anyone.  I just wanted to prove to myself that there was not another Colin out there and it wasn't worth the trouble of trying.  I decided I would give it a month and quit wasting  my time on the idea.

So, being me, I joined every dating site I could find simultaneously and made sure to use up every single character I was allowed discussing things like science fiction novels, British comedy, the cows living in my backyard that liked to come up on my back deck and other details of my life.  Needless to say, it had the desired effect of scaring off the majority of the local male population.  (Well that and offending others to the point I got hate emails.  I still laugh about that.  I swear I didn't say anything bad.)  

On the last day of the month I had allotted for this little social experiment I saw a picture of a bald giant with a red beard wearing a kilt and surrounded by bulldogs.   Being the socially adept creature I am, I clicked the like button completely forgetting that it was not Facebook and the little heart symbol was a way of flirting.  And that is how, thanks to a photo taken at a SCA (Society For Creative Anachronisms) reenactment I met my fiance, Lawrence.  

Oops, I Said Too Much

This is not the typical business introductory page but we are not your typical business.  We are a family first and our goal is to breed and help raise pets for other families.  I don't believe in trying to dress things up and pretending to be something I am not.  I think it is better to just say what you think and be who you are.  The rest will sort itself out in the end.  So, now you have the complete story of our cattery.